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Fine Art and Photographic Printing

Fine Art and Photographic Printing: Giclée Prints on Archival Fine Art Paper or Canvas

High-Resolution, Wide-Format, Large Color-Space Replication

Digital Poster Art is a Specialty Print Resource

We use Epson archival and acid-free print materials (Photo Luster, UltraSmooth Fine Art paper, or Exhibition Canvas Satin). 

Printers include:  Epson Stylus Pro 9900 (44-inch roll span) with an Epson Ultra Chrome HDR High Dynamic Range ink-set comprising of 10 ink cartridges for large color space reproductions (aRGB; ProPhotoRGB files).   High Resolution electronic files with large color spaces are welcomed. RAW camera files, ProPhotoRGB, aRGB, Tiff files, and JPG's. We are PC based.


We serve the Artists, Photographers, Museums, Professional, and Companies with high-quality on-demand printing. Special pricing is available. Digital Poster Art has been in business for over 10 years. Digital photo-restoration and extreme photo enlargements are achievable. Contact us for information with any of your special projects, or if require assistance, consulting, or require backup print services, on any projects that demand high-quality printing.

Digital Restoration Available

Digital Poster Art, PO Box 40 Buffalo, New York 14207 USA

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