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• Musician/Composer
• Fine Art Reproduction Consultant
• Digital Restorer and Restoration

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Live Free to Dance Free (Soft Rock):

In the Morning Sun (Folk Theme):

Wellingtons Victory After Beethovens (Disco Beat Single):


Telstar is a single release track performed by JN Couvutsakis and is based on the popular instrumental from 1962.
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JN Couvutsakis Original Music Links:

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Music, Lyrics, Arrangements, and Production by JN Couvutsakis
Music Available and Distributed through many streaming platforms including Apple Music and Amazon.

Core of a Symphony
Coax a Bird to Fly
Instrumental (Neo-Classical Styled) EP
(Spotify Link):
Core of a Symphony
Album (Spotify Link):

Single (Bandcamp Link):
Coax a Bird to Fly (feat. Platinum) [Remastered]


Solitary Listening
Gothic Organ

JN Couvutsakis Music is available
on most streaming platforms

All Inquires Welcomed.
Phone: 1.716.838.2276

Album (Soundcloud Link):
Solitary Listening
Gothic Organ LC Phantom
(Album) (Spotify)


EP (Extended Play): Core of a Symphony is a Neo-Classical music-styled EP in 5 parts and is about 20 minutes in length. All of the separate parts of this EP are meant to represent the outline of a theme for a finished Symphony. Either of the following links will take you to the music.

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Single: Coax a Bird to Fly (Re-Mastered)
Featuring Platinum (Vocal)

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Album: Non-Pedestrian (Original music themes)

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Album: Solitary Listening
Original music themes, (classical jazz pop moods and styles).

Listen to the entire 70 minute album on Soundcloud:

Album: Gothic Organ LC Phantom
Film Score excerpts and Music from Lon Chaney’s “Phantom of the Opera” (1925)
Composed by JN Couvutsakis circa 1989.

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Slip AwayInner LifeWill of Fire

JN Couvutsakis Music Singles Featuring Vocals by Maria Sebastian
Maria Sebastian lends her talent as a Professional Session Vocalist on these recordings.

Please check out Maria Sebastian's Original Music on her website:

Single: The Will of Fire
Featuring Maria Sebastian (Vocal)

Bandcamp Link:

Single: Inner Life (I am the World)
Featuring Maria Sebastian (Vocal)

Bandcamp Link:

Single: Slip Away (Top of the World)
Featuring Maria Sebastian (Vocal)

Bandcamp Link:

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